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semi-overcast 22 °C

I missed out on posting yesterday simply because I was out until around 11:00 pm, and by the time I got home, after walking around all day, I was exhausted.

Yesterday consisted of more walking and more touring, but please don't think i'm complaining. The fact that I get to walk around this great city, view some of the greatest things my eyes have ever seen, and exercise while doing so is great. As I have been saying to almost everyone here, there is not one obese person in Prague, because of all the walking up and down hills and steps. Anyway, yesterday also consisted of more tours. In my photo class, Ariya took us to a couple galleries and what not, one of which was in the Prague Castle garden. After photo, I then go to Prague architecture with Carol. Carol ended up taking us on a tour of the Old Town Hall including a trip to the very top of the building, which gives you a great view of the entire city. After our tour, we ate at a small coffee shop which served me a great panini and an incrediblely large latte. Both were great, as you can expect. After that, we walked around town a little more, but forgive me, I saw so much yesterday, I can't remember everywhere I went. After I came home, we were told to meet at the local Museum of Medieval Torture. Sounds great, right? When we got there at 9:15, it was closed, even though it said it closed at 10. So, Polly and I walked across the Charles Bridge for the first time together. (it was my first time ever) We ate a a nice little restaurant in the cellar of a building, then came home. I am being rushed because we have class soon, so i'll post the photos later.





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sunny 17 °C

Today was our tour of Prague Castle along with our meeting of the U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic, a republican named Richard Graber from Wisconsin. He was, of course, appointed by President Bush and has, just recently, started his tenure here. He had no political experience previous to his appointment to this position, nor had he had any experience as a forign diplomat. He is supposed to be here for the next three (?) years, I believe. Good luck, Czechs!
We were able to have a question/answer session with him, and to my surprise, the rest of the group had, for the most part, the same concerns about the missile shield that is proposed here as I do. Of course, as most politicians do, he gave us very vague answers as to why the missile shield was necessary, but whatever. He made it clear that 60%+ of Czechs oppose the shield, as does the same percentage of the Parliment, which will make the final decision. One somewhat amusing point that the Ambassador tried to make was the following, and I quote; "One thing that makes us (the U.S.) different from Germany and Russia, who have taken Czech land, is that we (the U.S.) are asking permission." I don't know. That didn't make much sense to me. But I digress, this isn't a political rant. It's about me being in Prague.

Anyway, twas an honor to be given such a prestigious opportunity.

Our first day of class was yesterday. I got my assignments for the time I was here and met my instructors. My photo instructor is my instructor from UNO, Ariya Martin. My Architecture instructor is Carol Sherwood. Both instructors are extremely nice and I will be happy to have them teach me while I am here.

Today, previous to our meeting with Mr. Ambassador, we toured the Prague Castle where the Czech President, Vaclav Klaus, holds many of his meetings. The place was crazy, beautiful, insane, all in one thought. Never in my life have I been to such a place. I kept on making jokes to Polly and Layla that I have come from Luling, LA to this, truly was it amazing. After the tour and meeting, we ate some lunch at a Czech Chinese restaurant where I ate a full meal for a whopping 100 koruna ($5), and the food was amazing. After eating, Carol Sherwood took our architecture class for a tour of Prague Castle, the outside this time, as well as the surrounding areas. Again, beautiful. I just got home from that and am looking forward to an eventful evening, however, I have no clue what i'm doing yet.

Here are some photos from the castle and what-not.





Talk to you again soon!

P.S. - Yes, it really is 64 degrees here.

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First day

overcast 21 °C

Dobre rano!

I was too tired to write this last night, so i'm forced to write it this morning at 6:12 am. I'm obviously not on a correct sleeping pattern as of yet.

Yesterday morning started with me wakeing up about the same time and checking out the cafeteria where we are given our only prepaid meal of the trip, breakfast. We were given these small, blue, buisness size cards which equals 50 koruna to eat breakfast every morning on the trip. If you go over your 50 koruna limit, you either must pay with "real money" to make up the difference or give up another one of your blue cards. For breakfast yesterday, I ate a chocolate croissant, banana, cup o' yogurt, sparkling water (which is horrible by the way), and a cup o' coffee. This cost me somewhere around 70 koruna.

On a side note:
Money here is either really awesome or really strange. Everything is pretty much less expensive than in the states, except for a few things. Food, beer, most everything else is cheaper, however, for instance, yesterday I went to the local Tesco (Wal-Mart) to look for a beard trimmer. I paid $17 for one in the states. Here, they are around $37 for the same off brand of razor. I was told not to bring any small bathroom appliances because they would end up becoming fried due to the different electrical sockets.

Back to my day:

After breakfast, we made our first trek into the city. We took the metro into Old Town, which is where one part of Charles University is. (Charles University is spread all about Prague, they don't have a singular campus like UNO.) After a small "Intro to Prague" meeting with the rest of the Summer Abroad students, Polly, Layla, and I left for a small lunch on our own. We found a nice restaurant which sold a lot of seafood as well as regular hamburgers. I ate some pan-seared salmon with mustard sauce. Twas amazing. Oh yeah, if you come to Prague, do NOT drink Kofola. Not that I particularly enjoy soft drinks back home, but this one was horrible.

After eating, we proceeded to meet back at the university for our first walking tour of Prague. We were taken, for the most part, all over Old Town, which, if you look at a map of Prague, it is the area to the east of the Vltava River. I honestly can't remember half the stuff we visited on the tour yesterday, however, i'm sure with my extended stay here in Prague, i'll learn everything in the near future.

After a short visit to Tesco and other small shops including a Czech shoe store, I took a shower and met my fellow Americans in the dorm lobby to receive one of our only paid dinners on the trip. We then took the subway/walked to Cafe Louvre. (www.cafelouvre.cz/en) We were given a three-course meal including an alcoholic beverage of our choice. Along with my white wine, we were served a broth-based onion soup, which was crazy good, a pork and bread dumpling dish, which was outstanding, and for dessert, some sort of fruit cream cake, which was also amazing. Julie was there, my bosses girlfriend, and she proceeded to ask us how our stay had been (great of course). She also made plans with us to hang out and show us around sometime this weekend.

Okay, so after all of that rambling, and an hour gone by, i'm officially hungry and will make my way down to the cafeteria to receive my blue ticket breakfast.

So, trying to use my best Czech: Rada bych se rozloucila...





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Finally here.

semi-overcast 22 °C

Polly and I arrived in Prague at around 12:20 pm Prague time, which, for those of you at home, is about 5:20 am. I hadn't slept the whole way here. I basically haven't slept in over 18 hours, but i'm about to crash after I finish this update. I ate way too much coming up here because all the airlines gave us free food and not knowing when I will be able to eat again, I took advantage of every meal. My dorm room is pretty small, not much to write about. I do have a pretty neat view out of my window, though. Most of the buildings here are reminiscent of some of the buildings you see in communist Russia and thats probably because communist Russia controled this city for quite some time. Lots of large housing developments and what not. I'll post a photo of the view from my dorm room. And i'll also go to sleep.


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sunny 26 °C

Today marks the first day that I can actually look forward to my trip to Prague. I received my passport today after an agonizing 14 weeks of waiting. Currently, I have a week and 2 days before I leave and i'm somewhat excited. It's not going to hit me until I get on that plane, though.

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